Adverx, the cryptocurrency based RTB.

Billions of impressions will be served programmatically everyday between several ad-exchanges using AVX token once our RTB platform is launched.

Our Liquidity Pool allows you to earn up to 40% ROI per month.

Built On ETH

AVX token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC20 standard, which means, faster transactions and higher stability.

By Professionals

Our team consists of professionals with different fields of expertise - developers, media buyers, economists, and marketing experts.


Our major goal is to provide our investors with sustainable returns, and a lot of effort and planning have been put to make it possible.


Our platform has been built to handle all the expected load with ease. All the features have been extensively tested before being brought live.

Normal RTB vs Adverx

RTB means real time bidder mechanism, ad spaces are bought and sold through real time bidding between various advertisers/DSPs and publishers/SSPs. Advertisers upload their creatives, set target audience and budgets on the platform. After all this is set, they target the sites where they want to show their ads. The publishers/SSP side then plugs in their empty ad spaces by creating a SSP endpoint under RTB section.

Once all this is set, the advertisers start spending their budgets on publishers' inventory through our RTB technology platform and machine learning algorithms. Auctions take place and select the highest bid to show the ad on a website.

We take a margin percentage in between for connecting the advertisers and publishers through our technology platform. For example if the advertiser spends $10 to show the ad on a website, we charge $2 as our margin and the publisher receives the remaining $8.

Our goal is to make AVX token a widely used currency in the digital advertising industry. Adverx RTB platform uses AVX as the currency for buying and selling impressions between our partner exchanges. To build a strong launching platform, we will execute instant buy/sell trades in cryptocurrency exchange for our token.

For investors, our Liquidity Pool gives a volatile interest based on the Liquidity Pool plans, described below, from our Liquidity Pool reserve. Once it is depleted, 50% profit from the RTB platform will be paid as interest to all the participants in our Liquidity Pool.

Token Allocation

Token Details

Token Name: Adverx
Token Symbol: AVX
Total Supply: 7,500,000 (7.5 million)
Token Standard: ERC20
Contract Address: 0x35290fee4e805ebd1d6b64a05ab19dd9af34abb9

ICO - 3.5 Million Tokens

As described figuratively on the right side, our ICO consists of 9 rounds. Each round will continue until all the tokens are sold out.

All ICO rounds run continuously alongside our Liquidity Pool until the internal exchange launch in March.
We also have different affiliate bonuses in place, scroll down to know more.

Round 1 - $0.9/token
Round 2 - $1.00/token
Round 3 - $1.10/token
Round 4 - $1.20/token
Round 5 - $1.30/token
Round 6 - $1.40/token
Round 7 - $1.50/token
Round 8 - $1.60/token
Round 9 - $1.70/token

Road Map

Dec - 2017

Adverx Launch

Basic groundwork and launch announcement of Adverx.

Jan - 2018

Dashboard & ICO

Launch of user dashboard and beginning of ICO rounds.

Feb - 2018

Liquidity Pool

Launch of Liquidity pool to allow investors to earn on their investments.

Mar - 2018

Internal Exchange

Eventually, Internal exchange will be launched.

Apr - 2018

Acquiring RTB partnerships

RTB groundwork, further development of bid-match algorithms and acquiring more DSP's/SSP's.

May - 2018

RTB platform launch

Launch of the full-scale RTB platform with AVX token as its currency.

Jun - 2018

External exchange

Listing into multiple external exchanges right after the RTB platform launch.

Jul - 2018


A promotional airdrop platform will be launched to spread the word.

Aug - 2018

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway service to use AVX tokens as a means of payment.

Continuous development

These are the average per day statistics of our RTB prototype ran with only a few of our partners. Imagine what we could do with all our partners
and millions of dollars in funding.


Requests received.


Impressions served.





Liquidity Pool Plans

Get daily returns by locking your AVX tokens in the Liquidity Pool, Once the lock-in period is complete you will receive your capital back.

LP - Basic
$100 - $5000
Upto 1% daily.
Capital back in 90 days.
0% bonus.
LP - Enhanced
$5000 - $10000
Upto 1.1% daily.
Capital back in 75 days.
0.1% bonus.
LP - Premium
Upto 1.2% daily.
Capital back in 60 days.
0.15% bonus.

Affiliate Bonus

Based on the number of lenders under you, Adverx offers a tiered bonus structure consisting of 4 Levels.

Affiliate Level Affiliate Bonus
Level 1: 5%
Level 2: 2%
Level 3: 1%
Level 4: 0.5%